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Wiki Resources for Ravi's Team Members


Training Wiki

Ravi's Training Wiki contains links to training for the tools you use every day at a Ravi's Company! Access the Training Wiki at any time to learn new skills or brush up on existing ones.

Precision Wiki

Ravi's Precision Wiki has the most up-to-date policies and procedures for you and your team to work with Precision! Remember to Subscribe to pages relevant to your position and keep up with changes.

Improvement Wiki

Ravi's Companies are always improving and our policies & procedures are no exception. Use the Improvement Wiki to keep track of various change or update projects and publish the results to the Precision Wiki!

Google Tools for Ravi's Team Members


Google Mail

Your personal inbox for communicating with customers, suppliers and team members.

Google Mail includes Contacts, Tasks and Chat!


Google Calendar

Your personal calendar, so you can stay on top of all your appointments, phone calls and meetings.

Google Calendar also contains shared company calendars like the Central Calendar so everyone stays on the same page!

Google Drive

A workspace where you can sync, store, view, and edit files!

If you share a document with other team members, they can work alongside you at the same time you're working from anywhere in the world!

Google Drive includes Sheets, Forms, Docs, Slides and more!


Google Maps

With Google Maps, you can create work maps for sales calls, deliveries, and customer locations. You can also check out street view to see a customer's store up close without having to go on-site!

Google Tasks

Instead of accessing your tasks through your Google Mail Inbox, you can open your task list in a separate window! This makes it easier to see the different task lists you are running as well as notes and other details all on one page.

Google Hangouts

Use Google Hangouts to chat casually with co-workers or even have video calls from different parts of the world right in your browser!

Google Hangouts is the new version of Google Talk.


Other Google Services

In addition to the main Google services mentioned above, everyone with a Ravi's account has access to the full suite of Google Apps products.

Did You Know?

You can quickly and easily switch your Google App using the account bar at the top right of any Google page! Just click this button: 

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