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How to Set Up the Ravi's App on Your Device


This page will show you how to install the Ravi's app on your device so you can place orders for pickup, shipping, or delivery easily on your phone!


  1. A mobile device (phone or tablet) running iOS or Android
  2. A Wi-Fi Connection or a wireless dataplan
  3. OPTIONAL: a Bluetooth scanner

Setup Steps

Download the App

  1. Go to the app store that is applicable for your device (for iOS, go to the App Store; for Android, go to the Google Play Store)
  2. Once in the appropriate app store, search for MobiAIRSE and download it onto your device
  3. Look on your device home screen or apps menu for a link to the app and open it

Enter the Appropriate Settings

When you launch the app,  you will be presented with a list of settings that you need to enter. Enter them exactly as below:
  1. For Supplier Code, enter NCD in all caps
  2. For Customer #, enter your customer number or Sales Rep ID
  3. For PIN
    1. If you entered a single customer # above, enter 9999 as your PIN
    2. If you entered a Sales Rep ID above, enter 0000 as your PIN
  4. Enter your name, e-mail address and phone number in the remaining fields
  5. Touch Accept to activate your app!

Start Using the App!

More training/instructional videos to follow!


The first step in any sort of technology troubleshooting is to restart the program and, if that doesn't work, restart the computer overall. The same applies to mobile device app troubleshooting!
  1. Restarting the app: http://www.howtogeek.com/211166/how-to-force-quit-an-application-on-any-smartphone-computer-or-tablet/
  2. Restarting the phone: just turn it off and turn it back on! :)